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Nurtured by the College's team-based approach to cardiovascular care, the Cardiac Care Associate (CCA) membership group has had exceptional growth, reaching over 4,200 members since their inception in 2003. The CCAs are comprised of professional types, including advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, and cardiovascular technologists.

Find information below about membership criteria, benefitst of membership, and application process.


Membership Criteria

  • Requirements for Registered Nurse (RN): Must have RN degreeand be licensed to practice in state.
  • Requirements for Nurse Practitioner (NP): Must have RN degree and be an NP licensed to practice in state.
  • Requirements for Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS): Must have RN degree plus certification in the area of clinical practice and be licensed to practice in state.
  • Requirements for Physican Assistant (PA): Must be a PA program graduate accredited by ARC-PA or a predecessor agency, or be certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) External Link. Must also be licensed to practice in state. Federally employed PAs should provide NCCPA certification in lieu of a license.
  • Requirements for Clinical Pharmacist: Must have a Clinical Pharmacists PharmD degree and be licensed to practice in state.
  • Requirements for Cardiovascular Technologists: Applicants must be certified by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International External Link and have two or more years of experience in their field.

Prospective members must present a sponsorship letter from a current CCA, AACC, FACC or International Associate member of the ACC. If you do not know any current members of the ACC, we can help provide you with a list of members in your area that you might know. E-mail KBohanno@acc.org to obtain a list.


How to Apply

  1. Complete an application in full. U.S. Applicants: download a writable PDF of the application here PDF.* International Applicants: learn more about applying for International CCA Membership.
  2. Submit a completed sponsorship letter signed by a current Cardiac Care Associate (CCA), Associate of the ACC (AACC), Fellow of the ACC (FACC) or International Associate member. Find a sample sponsorship letter template here PDF.
  3. Submit a copy of your practice license. Federally employed PAs should provide NCCPA certification in lieu of a license.
  4. Provide a copy of the applicant's RN degree for applicants who are RN, CNS or NP, a copy of PA certificate from a program accredited by ARC-PA or a predecessor agency or NCCPA certified for PA applicants, or a copy of PharmD degree.
  5. Provide payment (leave actual cost off).
  6. Send the completed packet to ACC Member Services, 2400 N Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20037.
  7. Email resource@acc.org with any questions or to check on the status of your application.

*Please note that our electronic applications require Adobe Acrobat Writer to fill them out electronically. The standard Acrobat Reader will not suffice. You can purchase a copy of Acrobat Writer via an educational reseller here or you can download a fully functional 30-day trial version here.


Join as a Group and Save

The ACC offers discounts on group CCA membership so that practices with multiple CV nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and/or technologists can join together to receive significant savings on the first year's dues. ACC will also waive the $25 application fee for those applying as part of a group. Applications for both Cardiac Care Associate (CCA) and Partners in Care (PIC) membership qualify for these savings:

  • 5-10 CCA/PIC Applicants: $95 for the 1st Year of CCA/PIC Membership
  • 15-20 CCA/PIC Applicants: $90 for the 1st Year of CCA/PIC Membership
  • 21-30 CCA/PIC Applicants: $85 for the 1st Year of CCA/PIC Membership
  • More than 30 CCA/PIC Applicants: $80 for the 1st Year of CCA/PIC Membership

In order to take advantage of this savings opportunity, all individuals within the group must submit their applications together in one packet, with payment included. For questions, please contact Kelli Bohannon at kbohanno@acc.org.


Advance Your Membership to AACC

What is AACC?

The Asssociate of the ACC (AACC) designation recognizes those CCAs who, through advanced education, training and professional development, have dedicated themselves to providing the highest-level of cardiovascular care.

With a focus on recognized national board certifications and member interests in advanced learning, skill building, and professional recognition, the CCA Designation Working Group compiled a list of boards whose certifications would be required for the AACC designation.

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about AACC Advancement. PDF

AACC Criteria

The process for advancement from CCA is similar to the advancement process for physician and FACC members. Applicants that do not meet the basic criteria will be reviewed by the CCA Designation Working Group and a decision will be made at that time, regarding their advancement to AACC.

The criteria for Cardiac Care Associate members to advance to Associate of the American College of Cardiology (A.A.C.C.) are as follows:

  • State licensure.
  • Nationally recognized board certification (See application for a full list).
  • Majority of professional activities must be devoted to the field of cardiovascular disease.
  • Three letters of recommendation. Letters must be from FACC members who are well acquainted with the applicant's current professional activities. Relatives may not sponsor applicants.
  • Employed in a practice that is primarily cardiovascular focused – at least 75%.
  • Commitment to CV practice for five years or more.
  • CCA member for two years prior to applying for designation.
  • At least 12 hours of CV related CE/CME credit hours annually.
  • Member of the ACC's Cardiovascular Team (CVT) Section.

Note: The national board certifications for AACC designation were selected by the CCA Designation Working Group and approved by the ACC's Credentialing and Membership Committee. Selection of these national board certifications was based on the amount of cardiology-specific content on the board examination. Applicants that hold a national board certification that is not currently on the approved list are still invited to apply for the designation and will be approved for advancement to AACC by the Credentialing and Membership Committee, on a case by case basis.

Download a PDF of the application for AACC here PDF.

To apply for AACC, submit a completed application along with a $25 application processing fee to ACC Member Services, 2400 N Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20037. E-mail resource@acc.org with any questions or to check on the status of your application.

Participate in the ACC.15 Convocation Ceremonies in San Diego! Submit your application by Jan. 15, 2015.


Partners in Care (PIC) Membership

Improve patient care, increase your knowledge and take your career to the next level with Partners in Care (PIC) membership in the American College of Cardiology (ACC).

You are on the front lines every day, working with physicians and cardiovascular care team members alike to make and execute the best medical decisions possible with flawless precision. Keeping up-to-date on the latest pharmaceuticals, technology and guidelines can be daunting. The ACC can help.

The ACC invites cardiovascular technologists, including sonographers, electrophysiology specialists, invasive specialists and vascular specialists, to become PIC members of the ACC. Applicants must be certified by either the Cardiovascular Credentialing International External Link or the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography External Linkand have two or more years of experience in their field. No other organization can match the ACC's cardiovascular education and networking opportunities.

Find out more information about the benefits of membership here.


Join the CVT Section

You already enjoy the many benefits of ACC Membership. The next step is joining the Cardiovascular Team Section - providing you with additional benefits and opportunities including: 

  • Career development opportunities provided via the section working groups.
  • Networking events
  • Leadership opportunities to help shape the direction of the Section.

By joining the CVT Section you will not only start to provide better care to your patients, but you will also help advance your career through education, professional development and leadership opportunities.

Download the application here PDF.


Current Members: Renew Your Dues

2013 Dues are due on December 10, 2012. Pay early to qualify for early dues payment rewards!

Pay by December 31, 2012 to avoid a $25 late fee & suspension of membership benefits!*

It's time to renew your commitment to quality cardiovascular care.

Click to Pay Now Online:

*On January 1, 2013, a $25 late fee will be assessed and membership discounts will be suspended to unpaid accounts.

By Mail: Send check or money order, with the ACC member number noted to the following address:

American College of Cardiology
Resource Center
P.O. Box 79231
Baltimore, MD 21279-0231

By Phone: Call the ACC Resource Center at (800) 253-4636, ext. 5603; or direct dial (202) 375-6000. Your credit card payment will be taken over the phone.


Emeritus Membership in the ACC

Have you retired from full-time practice? The ACC wants to make sure you're still able to access the same benefits you did when you were a full-time cardiovascular team practitioner--but without the fee. Those ACC members who are retiring from full-time practice may be eligible to receive complimentary continued ACC membership. For more information and to transfer your membership status to Emeritus, please contact member services at membership@acc.org or at (202) 375-6000, ext. 5603.