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Steps to Apply


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Steps to Apply

Sponsorship Letter Requirements

For Fellow Membership: Applicants are required to obtain two letters of sponsorship. Letters must be original in content and not excerpts from the candidate's curriculum vitae; form letters are not acceptable. Relatives may not sponsor. The letters must be on the sponsors' business letterhead, dated, signed by the sponsor and included with the application, otherwise, the application will not be processed or reviewed. Request letters of sponsorship from Fellows of the College who have reviewed your application. Sponsoring Fellows must be well acquainted with your current professional activities.

  • Each letter must clearly have been originally written by the sponsor (substantially identical letters will be rejected).
  • Letters must detail accomplishments of distinction by the candidate, such as positions of hospital, medical society, educational, or academic leadership.
  • Descriptions of the responsibilities of positions held must be included.

Any of the following is acceptable:

  • Two letters from Fellows of the College (FACC) in applicant's geographic area of professional activity
  • One letter from a FACC in applicant's geographic area of professional activity and one letter from the Society President in your country (even if he or she is NOT a FACC or member of the College)
  • One letter from a FACC in applicant's geographic area of professional activity and one from a Fellow of the College from anywhere

FACC Annual Dues and Fees

ACC has a tiered dues structure based on a country's economic status, from the World Bank Country Classification. New applicants must pay the annual dues along with the nonrefundable application fee of U.S. $150.00. Applicants also have the option of choosing between receiving the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) in hard copy, or for a lower dues rate, opting to receive JACC online only.

Fellow Application Fee U.S. $150.00
Membership with paper subscription to JACC
Membership with JACC online only
High Income Countries
Middle Income & Low Income Countries

See the World Bank Country Classification.

If advancing to FACC, current members who have already paid dues, need only to include the application fee of $150.


The Election Process

  • Deadlines for receipt of FACC applications at College Headquarters is set for eight weeks prior to meetings of the Credentialing and Membership Committee. (CMC) Deadlines are May 1 and Oct. 1. Individuals currently in training outside the U.S. are not eligible to apply for permanent membership FACC.
  • The CMC meets to consider FACC applications two times during the year. Candidates can expect to be notified of the results in September and February.
  • Candidates elected to Fellowship are invited to participate in the Annual Convocation of the College, which is held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Session, usually in March. Certificates of Fellowship are distributed immediately following the Convocation.