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Cardiovascular Imaging Section & Leadership Council

The Cardiovascular Imaging Section & Leadership Council are fora which provide an opportunity for cardiovascular imaging society leaders and members to collaborate on issues facing cardiovascular specialists using imaging technologies to provide optimal patient care.
Cardiovascular Imaging Member Section

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Imaging Section

Established in 2011, the Cardiovascular Imaging Section will provide members who have a specific clinical or professional interest in imaging a forum in which they can advance their professional priorities, offer input into the coordination of imaging activities within the College and facilitate networking with peers in their field.

Governed by the ACC Cardiovascular Imaging Section Leadership Council, the section hopes to represent the cardiovascular imaging community and work with ACC leadership to promote collaboration on issues facing cardiovascular specialists using imaging technologies to provide optimal patient care. The Section and Leadership Council are chaired by Prem Soman, MD, PhD, FACC.

Section Involvement
As the CV Imaging Member Section grows, members may establish work groups to address imaging-specific issues related to research, education, quality, guidelines, advocacy and more.

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Get Involved

Membership is open to physician, cardiac care associate and fellow in training members of the ACC, and those interested may join, for a $10 annual fee, by opting in on their dues statement or calling the Resource Center at (800) 253-4636, ext. 5603. Join today!

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Cardiovascular Imaging Section Leadership Council

Council Mission Statement

Section Goals and Structure

The ACC Cardiovascular Imaging Leadership Council will create a forum for cardiovascular imaging society leadership to collaborate on issues facing cardiovascular specialists using imaging technologies to provide optimal patient care. The Leadership Council will represent those interests within the ACC and facilitate achieving consensus on issues affecting the various cardiology imaging modalities. The purpose of the Leadership Council will be to represent the interests of the cardiology imaging community and to work with ACC leadership to promote communication and cooperation among organizations and cardiovascular societies in the field.

Council Structure

Membership of the Leadership Council consists of 14 Fellows of the ACC. Each of the following societies has two member representatives on the Council: ACC, ASE, ASNC, SCAI, SCCT, and SCMR. Additional members are a pediatric/adult congenital representative appointed by ACC, and the immediate past chair, who serves on the Council ex officio. The Leadership Council reports to the ACC Board of Trustees.

Participating societies nominate individuals for each of the society's representative positions. Leadership Council nominations are handled through the ACC committee appointment process. If a nomination is not accepted by the ACC, the society may nominate another individual for consideration. Individual terms are limited to, two consecutive two-year terms and are staggered to ensure continuity on the Leadership Council.

Once appointed, Leadership Council members nominate at least two individuals among the Leadership Council members for the Chair position, the term for which is one year. The Chair is appointed annually by ACC’s President-Elect. The ACC representatives are not eligible to serve as Chair of the Leadership Council.


The ACC Cardiovascular Imaging Section Leadership Council:

  • Serves as a coordinating advisory forum for imaging issues within the ACC
  • Facilitates the integration of cardiovascular imaging modalities with respect to research, education, quality, clinical guidelines, appropriateness criteria, training, utilization, informatics and advocacy
  • Creates work groups as needed to address specific issues
  • Improves communication among the organizations and societies focused on imaging
  • Performs tasks as assigned by the ACC Board of Trustees (BOT)
  • Performs tasks developed by the Leadership Council and approved by the ACC BOT
  • Informs the ACC BOT regarding imaging issues, policies and development that warrant the College's attention

Contact Us

Please contact imagingsection@acc.org with any questions, comments, or interest in getting involved.