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EuroPCR 2011

EuroPCR | May 17-20, 2011

EuroPCR 2011
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Sunday May 22 2011

  • Real-World TAVI Results Deemed 'Excellent'

    PARIS — As transcatheter aortic valve implantation moves into lower risk groups in real-world practice, the outcomes in multinational registry studies continue to support the use of the TAVI procedure.

Saturday May 21 2011

  • Dumping Durable Polymer Benefits Newer DES

    PARIS — Taking permanent polymer out of the equation for drug-eluting stents doesn't hurt and may help long-term outcomes, according to a bevy of studies reported here.

  • Novel Bare Metal Stent Ties With Leading DES

    PARIS — A novel bare metal stent, albeit one with a "bioactive" surface, may be just as good as a leading drug-eluting stent, according to randomized trial results.

Friday May 20 2011

  • Stenosis Dx Better With Special 3-D CT

    PARIS — Functionally relevant coronary artery stenosis can be deduced noninvasively from specially-interpreted CT scans, improving accuracy of diagnosis, researchers found.

  • Transapical TAVI Takes on Thicker Valves

    PARIS — Apical implantation of aortic valves may allow thicker, potentially more durable, leaflets, according to researchers presenting early results with one such novel device.

Thursday May 19 2011

  • Novel Metal Stent Does Disappearing Act

    PARIS — A novel drug-eluting stent may do away with the permanent metal jacket, according to early results with a bioabsorbable metal scaffold.

  • Leaky Percutaneous Valves Hurt Outcomes

    PARIS — Even less severe leaks in aortic valves replaced percutaneously may compromise patients outcomes, with poor prosthesis fit a common culprit, researchers found.

Wednesday May 18 2011

  • Residual Platelet Reactivity Risky in ACS

    PARIS — A poor response to clopidogrel (Plavix) during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) can predict poor outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndrome, an Italian study found.

  • Closure Device Affirmed Effective

    PARIS — A femoral artery closure device may reduce large hematomas and speed closure compared with manual compression of the catheter access wound, a randomized trial indicated.

  • Renal Denervation Eyed for Wider Use

    PARIS — Renal sympathetic nerve ablation looks promising against refractory hypertension and could find a place in treating heart failure as well as chronic kidney disease, according to experts here.

Monday May 16 2011

  • Focus on Valves, BP in PCI

    PARIS — New frontiers in percutaneous intervention for structural heart disease and hypertension are expected to generate most of the buzz at the EuroPCR meeting here.