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European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation Meeting

EuroPRevent 2012 - Dublin
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Sunday May 6 2012

  • Cardiac Rehab: Low Tech, Low Cost, Big Benefit

    DUBLIN — Cardiac rehabilitation post-MI remains a "sometime" treatment despite emerging data that it can boost long-term survival by as much at 59%.

  • Sudden Death in Athletes: Debate Continues

    DUBLIN — Relying on media reports is no basis for estimating the incidence of sudden cardiac death in athletes, nor does it provide the necessary basis to establish policy on the use of 12-lead electrocardiograms in pre-participation physicals, researchers here argued.

Saturday May 5 2012

  • Cardiologists Urged to Lead in Smoking Cessation

    DUBLIN — Cardiologists as a group have largely ignored tobacco as a modifiable risk factor, concentrating instead on hypertension and dyslipidemia, a pattern one Ottawa cardiologist calls "substandard care."

  • Pharmacy Model Effective for Heart Checkup

    DUBLIN — Most customers who received a 20-minute cardiac risk assessment in a pharmacy said the assessment "made them more interested in improving their health," researchers reported here.

Friday May 4 2012

  • Exercise Helps in Metabolic Syndrome

    DUBLIN — Dynamic aerobic endurance exercise has a beneficial effect on most risk factors that comprise metabolic syndrome, but did not improve plasma glucose levels or triglycerides, researchers reported here.

  • Joggers Live Longer, Possibly Happier, Lives

    DUBLIN — For those who brave the elements to jog at least an hour a week, there is a very real reward — an average of six more years of life, according to Danish researchers.

  • Jogging, Fish, and Sudden Death Top News at EuroPRevent

    DUBLIN — An overview of hot topics like sudden death in athletes and the value of jogging and "whole" fish highlight this exclusive video report, which features the European Society of Cardiology's rollout of new guidelines for CVD prevention.

  • Post-CABG Death Rate No Higher in Heavy Patients

    DUBLIN — Obesity, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease, does not appear to be a significant risk factor for increased 30-day mortality following bypass surgery, researchers reported here.

Thursday May 3 2012

  • CVD Guidelines: Everyone Needs Heart Attack Risk Assessment

    DUBLIN — The latest cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines from the European Society of Cardiology include a call for universal risk assessment, as well as a new approach to communicating risk: risk-age.

  • Heart Disease in Ireland: 'Western Way of Death'

    DUBLIN — Ireland, a land of "happy wars and sad love songs," is also a nation that "learned the western way of death from the United States, learned to overeat from the United States," and is struggling to unlearn those lessons.

Tuesday May 1 2012

  • In Dublin's Fair City EuroPRevent Tackles CVD

    DUBLIN — Cardiovascular disease continues to be a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, which has caused a groundswell of support for primary and secondary prevention initiatives, according to Sidney Smith, MD, president of the World Heart Federation.