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Heart Failure Congress | May 19-22, 2012

Heart Failure Congress 2012 - Belgrade
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Wednesday May 23 2012

  • 'Nordic Walking' Ramps Up Fitness in HF

    BELGRADE, Serbia — A walking technique with poles that mimics the arms movements in cross-country skiing safely boosts exercise intensity for heart failure patients, researchers found.

  • Mitral Device Improves HF Symptoms

    BELGRADE, Serbia — A novel percutaneous device for mitral valve regurgitation helps get failing hearts back in shape and eases symptoms, early-phase results showed.

  • Obese Kids Show Signs of Heart Trouble

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Obese, asymptomatic adolescents nevertheless showed damage to the structure and function of their hearts, researchers affirmed.

Tuesday May 22 2012

  • New Guide on Stroke Prevention in HF

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Unless there are other indications, heart failure patients who don't have atrial fibrillation shouldn't routinely get antithrombotic therapy, European Society of Cardiology groups warned.

  • Vitamin D May Help in HF

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Boosting vitamin D suppressed renin, which may explain the vitamin's benefits in heart failure, researchers found.

  • Novel Diuretic Promising for Heart Failure

    BELGRADE, Serbia — A novel compound that acts like a diuretic but without relying on the kidneys may improve outcomes for heart failure patients with chronic kidney disease, an early phase study showed.

Monday May 21 2012

  • Statins May Cut Cancer Risk Post Heart Transplant

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Statin therapy may help prevent the high long-term risk of cancer among heart transplant patients, researchers found.

Sunday May 20 2012

  • Key to HF Drug Benefit Lies in Heart Rate

    BELGRADE, Serbia — The heart rate reduction achieved with ivabradine determines its impact for heart failure patients who can't tolerate much beta-blocker therapy, researchers found.

  • Devices Dominate Guidelines for Heart Failure

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Lifestyle is out and devices are in for acute and chronic heart failure management, according to a major revision of European guidelines.

Thursday May 17 2012

  • HF Congress Takes Aim at Devices

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Integrating the profusion of devices now available for heart failure patients into medical management will be the focus of the Heart Failure Congress here.