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Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

SCAI 2012 | May 9-12, 2012

SCAI 2012
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Monday May 14 2012

  • Robots, Radials Made Splash in Desert

    LAS VEGAS — A betting man in this city would put his chips on robot-assisted percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and radial access for PCI, both of which the new president of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions discusses in this exclusive video interview.

  • Aspirin Response in PAD Predicts Long-Term Risk

    LAS VEGAS — Patients with peripheral artery disease who are resistant to aspirin therapy have a higher long-term risk of cardiovascular events than those who respond to aspirin, researchers reported here.

Sunday May 13 2012

  • 'Heart Team' Pairs PCI and Robotic CABG

    LAS VEGAS — A surgical robot allows cardiologists and surgeons to work on the same patient with complex multivessel disease, leading to a shorter recovery time.

  • 'Enhanced' Stem Cells Improve HF Outcomes

    LAS VEGAS — A heart failure patient's bone marrow stem cells, enhanced to increase immune cells, can improve functional capacity when delivered back into the heart, researchers found.

Saturday May 12 2012

  • Cath Lab Reports Fail to Provide Important Data

    LAS VEGAS — The biggest problem with invasive cath labs seeking accreditation was inadequate documentation, two small studies found.

  • Heart Docs Tap Gyns for CVD Screening

    LAS VEGAS — A simple one-page survey answered during a visit to the gynecologist could cut cardiovascular deaths in women, one study showed.

Friday May 11 2012

  • Stenting Safe in Aorto-Iliac Disease

    LAS VEGAS — Most patients with aorto-iliac disease should be treated endovascularly with stents rather than surgically, a researcher suggested after presenting results of the MOBILITY trial.

  • Robot Makes Stenting Easier

    LAS VEGAS — A remote controlled robotic system can safely and effectively guide the implantation of coronary stents, a pivotal study found.

  • Phone Calls Boost Drug Adherence After Stenting

    LAS VEGAS — A few phone reminders boosted dual antiplatelet compliance for the year post stent implantation, a small randomized study found.

Thursday May 10 2012

  • Death Risk High for Stent Patients with PAD

    LAS VEGAS — Patients with peripheral arterial disease who receive coronary stents are at an increased risk of death out past 4 years, researchers found.

  • Left Main Spasm Prompts Unneeded Bypass

    LAS VEGAS — A small number of patients mistakenly undergo bypass surgery because left main coronary artery vasospasm during diagnostic angiography is thought to be a real stenosis, researchers found.

Monday May 7 2012

  • CVD Care Moves Beyond the Heart

    LAS VEGAS — Cardiovascular disease is a systemic problem and nowhere is that idea more evident than in presentations slated for the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions meeting here.