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Majority of Early Career CV Professionals Find ACC Resources Valuable

A CardioSurve Quick Fact

When surveyed about the American College of Cardiology's (ACC's) offerings for cardiovascular professionals in the first seven years of their career, 75 percent of members in the Early Career Section rated the ACC's overall value as very strong.

According to the survey's participants, cardiovascular professionals desire support and resources in dealing with most practice management issues during the initial phase of their careers. Some areas of particular interest included Maintenance of Certification (57 percent), practice financial savvy (48 percent), research opportunities (44 percent) and academic planning (43 percent).

More information about these resources are made available on CardioSource via the Early Career Section page. Early career cardiovascular professionals who have joined the College as Fellows in Training (FIT) can find additional career and educational resources in the FIT Center. Financial resources in practice management are available on the Payment Innovations Community.

Or, visit CardioSurve's home on CardioSource to learn more about our surveys.

Source for Survey Results: Early Career Section Survey - Feb./March 2012 CardioSurve