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Navigating 2011 ICD-9 Coding Changes

(Updated Sept. 2011)

Beginning in October, physicians will have 122 new ICD-9 diagnosis codes and 12 new procedure codes from which to choose for 2011. A large portion of the diagnosis codes are in the “V” code section, which describe a “supplementary classification of factors influencing health status and contact with health services,” according to the ICD-9 manual.  There are a few codes that will be added to the cardiology portion of ICD-9-CM.  The lists, from CMS, also include codes that were revised and codes that will be invalid for 2011. New Cardiology Codes are:

  • 447.70   -   Aortic ectasia, unspecified site
  • 447.71   -   Thoracic aortic ectasia
  • 447.72   -   Abdominal aortic ectasia
  • 447.73   -   Thoracoabdominal aortic ectasia

The following resources are available to help navigate the new codes: