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Practice Resources From MedAxiom

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has been working with MedAxiom for over five years and recently expanded its relationship so that we can provide our members special ACC member benefits that you can't receive anywhere else. The ACC worked with MedAxiom to select services that would provide a significant contribution to practice management, resource management and decision-making support. We are glad to bring these benefits and services to you.

MedXpert Knowledgebase

A FREE "light" version from the 15,000 online resources, information, shared documents, and reference materials. Click here to begin.

MedAxcess Database

A FREE "light" version of cardiology's most robust database has been developed specifically for ACC members. Over 135 practices and cardiovascular service lines contribute to an Annual Survey consisting of over 600 procedural and financial measures for benchmarking, trending, comparisons and data mining. See how your practice stacks up! Click here to begin.

Cardiology Practice Network (CPN)

MedAxiom creates a sense of community within our member practices by providing a peer-to-peer network. This network allows our members to learn from one another and exchange information about important decisions the practices face every day.  MedAxiom facilitates numerous listservs (CEO, IT, Coding Managers, Lead Physician, etc.) that allow real-time interaction between the leaders and staff of these practices. MedAxiom also conducts educational webinars, both operational and clinical, on a variety of timely topics. And, our member meetings have become the standard in cardiology practice management educational programming.

Join over 300 practices across the country in this annual membership organization. There are several membership levels to suit your needs and ACC members qualify for a 15 percent discount on first year's dues. Click here to learn more. Or, contact Lori Walsh at lwalsh@medaxiom.com or 870-415-1910 for a personalized demonstration.

Business Office and Coding Network (BOCN)

Membership in the BOCN will give your practice ongoing training and tools for every member of the business office. The BOCN offers at least one event each month and makes extensive use of webinars so your entire staff can receive training without ever leaving the office. This saves you time and travel expenses, making it affordable to continue educating vital staff members who are sometimes overlooked. Plus, for BOCN members there is never a registration fee for webinars! Coding Conferences are significantly reduced for BOCN members and ACC members qualify for a 15% discount on first year’s dues. Click here to learn more. Or, contact Lori Walsh at lwalsh@medaxiom.com or 870-415-1910 for a personalized demonstration.


Process and Workflow Redesign Service. MedAxiom Consulting is excited to offer the newest methodology for optimizing workflow efficiency with our MedWorkflow service. Our unique combination of Lean and Behavior Analysis methodologies is the most effective way to analyze and redesign any process or workflow issues that your practice is experiencing. Click here to download a brochure on MedWorkflow. For more information, please contact Denise Brown at dbrown@medaxiom.com or 904-349-6468. 

Coding Audit Services

Health care providers are confronted on a daily basis with complex business challenges. Through an extensive review of your medical records, our coding and documentation audits help you to identify risk and areas for improvement. We will assist your staff with developing an action plan to meet your goals.

We provide detailed reports including:

  • Key elements
  • CPT key elements supported by documentation
  • Final code assignment
  • Suggestions for improvement

Contact Margie Amato at mamato@medaxiom.com or 801-947-8701 for details and a proposal for your practice.

Physician Coding Education/Training

We feel training the physicians, non-physician practitioners and staff on proper medical record documentation, correct coding and giving them the educational tools they need is invaluable. This will improve the quality of patients' medical records and will give the coders — physicians or a practice's staff — a much improved chance to optimize the revenue potential of each-and-every patient care service provided.  

We sometimes find that the quality of the reports and other documentation that are used for coding may be suboptimal. Documentation deficiencies and the inherent complexity of coding rules make it difficult for physicians and other staff to select the appropriate code. These circumstances can preclude the ability to code a specific service or can require it to be coded at a lesser-valued code in order to be compliant with the rules and regulations. 

Our experienced consultants are credentialed coders and have worked with private and integrated physician practices for numerous years. We provide personalized on-site training presentations on various topics to physicians, non-physician practitioners and staff. 

Contact Margie Amato at mamato@medaxiom.com or 801-947-8701 for details and a proposal for your practice.