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CardioCompass™ Beta Version

A Guidelines and Clinical Search Tool

CardioCompass™ - A Guidelines and Clinical Documents Search Tool

New! ACC is launching CardioCompass™ — a search engine optimization tool for the cardiovascular care team to use at the point of care with patients. CardioCompass™ allows you to use natural language queries to search clinical documents, including cardiovascular guidelines and consensus documents, for specific answers to clinical questions. CardioCompass™ takes you to the exact section of the guideline that answers your clinical question. CardioCompass™ offers clinical providers the tools and resources he/she needs at the point of care with the patient to deliver optimal care and treatment and to improve heart health outcomes.

This tool is also available for the mobile device here.

See how a sample search works below:

  1. Enter your search in the search box. For a clinical issue, the more terms you use, the better the search engine performs. The new CardioCompass™ tool allows you to limit your search to the ACC Guidelines, Expert Opinions, and Appropriate Use Criteria documents, should you wish to do that.
    Figure 1

  2. The results of the search using this tool lead you to a) recommendations from a Guideline and/or b) other clinical documents that address the issue:
    Figure 2

  3. Clicking on the title of the document will bring you to the beginning of the document; from there, you can browse the table of contents:
    Figure 3

  4. Clicking on the recommendation itself will take you to the specific point in the document that addresses your question. Icons at the top of the page allow you to a) indicate that this is what you need, b) whether there are more recommendations like this one, c) go back to search, d) go back to the table of contents, e) adjust the text size, f) print the recommendation and g) provide additional feedback.
    Figure 4

As you use this tool, please help us make it better, by using the feedback icon on the top of the page.